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Effects And Benefits Of Sex Education: A Comprehensive Guide For Parents and guardians Enlightenment

The benefits of sex education cannot be overemphasized because is one sure way to strengthen the healthy relationship between the opposite sex. Every parent is expected to be their children’s sex education tutor and have strategies to properly teach their wards and save them from mistakes that might cost them peace of mind and lead to a lifetime of regret.

benefits of sex educationHaving proper information about the benefits of sex education at an early age will give them the needed knowledge to properly conduct themselves around the opposite sex and have the confidence to defend themselves or complain when they are being abused by the opposite sex. Sexual abuse has led a lot of people to depression which could have been avoided through proper sex education.

While growing up as a child in West Africa, the rate of childhood pregnancy was alarming because a lot of teenagers were not properly orientated about their sexuality. Male teenagers as well were not aware that their semen was sufficient to impregnate a girl and the female as well are not aware that they could get pregnant once they started menstruation.

benefits of sex education I could remember how I rushed to meet my mother in her room when I noticed my   first semen discharge. I had been wrongly informed before the experience that semen discharge was a result of having intercourse with a spiritual wife. I remember telling my mother then that I slept with a spiritual wife and I needed deliverance.

Instead of my mum sitting me down to give me proper orientation about my sexuality, she avoided the main issue with prayers and the application of anointing oil. The issue of sex and the benefits of sex education needs to be understood by children and parents are expected to consciously orientate them because of the benefits sex education provides.

benefits of sex educationThe famous word “sex” is still a forbidden thing for many to talk about. Many people are aware sex gives an indescribable pleasurable feeling yet find it difficult to discuss the subject. If it is that appealing, why is it so embarrassing for us to talk about it?

We find it easy to talk about movies tirelessly for hours, yet sex talk is out of range as a subject of discussion. Does it have to do with the knowing our vulnerabilities will be exposed before each other during such discussions? Some cultures being oblivious of the benefits of sex education also believe a lot of things including sex can only be seen or practiced and not discussed.

benefits of sex educationOne very common reason sex talk can be termed ungodly is religion. It can only be godly if it is done on holy sheets. Sex is not just physical; it is a beautiful unification of two spiritual beings. Certainly, whatever religion a person chooses to follow is their business.

However, religion has millions of people thinking that talking about sex is filthy. Not only is it seen as embarrassing or forbidden, but it has also created a basis for judgmental prejudices. Regardless of religion and the associated beliefs concerning sex, it is an experience people need to talk about.

benefits of sex education Teaching people about sex begins at home. Yes, from the home; not schools, or churches, not even social gatherings. At the barest minimum, two people chose to have sex before a child is produced. Then, it does not have to be an impossible task for parents to discuss same.

In some environments, especially a healthy household; educating a child about their sexuality is normal. Though it is tough most times for parents to talk about sex to their children yet one of the many benefits of sex education is to enlighten not to encourage them to experiment with it.

For young people who are not yet sexually active, it might seem strange talking about sex. However, keep in mind that these young ones are not completely dumb, they are very much aware and exposed to myriad of information including that which pertains to sex. From early years, children are known to be naturally curious though they may not be able to use the right words to express their knowledge.

benefits of sex educationSo, even when they cannot put the right words around their thoughts, they simply observe everything around them and sometimes they might want to practice these things as strange things can be a subject of enquiry and amusement for young children.

Most times they are not intentional about abusing their bodies or someone else’s body but they simply carry out such activities in order to satisfy their curiosities hence it is important that they are appropriately taught on sexuality.

Many times, parents, when teaching, prefer to talk about the uncomplicated parts of sexuality. Seriously, telling the difference between A and B is important when talking about sex. Parents need to answer their questions; tell them what a penis and vagina is for. Parents don’t need to be all glorifying all the time.

benefits of sex educationAs children become more communicative, respecting another person’s body should be taught which should include sex. The primary focus or one of the benefits of sex education is that it exposes them to realities about their body. This should include how to avoid touching others inappropriately and vice versa that is, they should also be taught not to allow others to touch them inappropriately.

Let them understand their bodies are private to them. This process should not be a one time talk or lesson but repeatedly done. If parents fail to repeatedly teach them, it will not be taken seriously.

benefits of sex educationFor example, children usually ask their moms why they carry a big belly around then months down the line, suddenly a baby appears. To explain to a child, a parent must come down to their level of understanding. It is not rocket science! Explaining the entire birth process to a child may confuse them. Skip that storyline and keep it simple. You might want to say mommy and daddy joined their penis and vagina together. Then, the fusion creates a fertilized child that grows in a pouch. So, when the baby is ready to face the world, it pops.

benefits of sex educationAnother dreadful moment for a parent is having to explain sex to a teenager. Nagging teenagers about what or what not to do with their bodies is the last thing any parent should want to ever do. Truth be told, a lot is going on in the mind of an average teenager which the parent is not aware of. They are at the stage in life where they feel the need for more freedom. Unlike toddlers, parents cannot have teens under their watch seventy percent of the time.

So, teaching them values to live by should be the focus. As socially active teens, it is usual for them begin to have more friends with different backgrounds. Inevitably, they are more likely to explore and get into trouble which will negatively affect their parents.

benefits of sex educationAssuming a parent has decided to start talking to their teenage child about sex. The mistake parents usually make is telling the consequences first without emphasizing the benefits of sex education. They say things like, “sex will result in pregnancy”. Worse enough, “if you get pregnant now, you won’t be a good mom”.

Discussing the results of having sex is not bad in itself; it becomes bad when it associates guilt with having sex. Shoving the negatives to their faces rather than the positives is counterproductive as the more something is emphasized, the likelihood of it happening increases. The real effort should be directed at teaching them about the benefits of making good decisions on a continuous basis and making them understand they are responsible for the consequences of their decisions.

benefits of sex education Failure to tell a child exactly what kinds of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are out there can also be dangerous. Tell them about what preventive tools are available. This is why parents have to be up to date on sex matters. Do not force them to abstain from sex, it will not end well. If they want to have sex, make them know that they need to be ready. It is not to place a bad mantra on sex but more on what is health-wise.

Also, create an atmosphere to entertain questions they may have. Ignoring this would make them look elsewhere. In this age of technology, teens do not need to completely rely on their parents. They can use their phones to access information to satisfy their enquiry. Also, many social platforms are available to address these issues. Thus, properly grounding a child in vital and substantial information about their sexual life is very important and the long-term results can either make or mar them in life.

Some of the consequences of not having good sex education /Benefits of sex education

The following are some of the consequences of not having proper sex education:

benefits of sex educationUnwanted Pregnancy: Unwanted pregnancy among youths can be traced to a lack of proper information about their sexuality. It is believed that most youths are not properly informed that having a sexual intercourse without protection can lead to pregnancy.

A good number of pregnancies among teenagers are unplanned and the consequences of these have put a lot of stress both on the affected youths and the society. Many times, parents send their children out of their house and abdicate from their parental responsibilities to the child once they find out about their child’s pregnancy status.

The prospective mother will thus be forced to live with the man who impregnated her and who may not be ready for such kind of responsibilities. Many of them also stop schooling to accept a low paying job to pay their bills. Proper orientation of children about their sexuality will thus reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Benefits of sex educationInfection with Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The transmission of deadly diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Genital Warts and Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Syphilis, etc can be reduced to the lowest level if children are taught about their sexuality. Many of them are affected by these diseases when they engage in unhealthy sexual relationships which has contributed greatly to the rate of mortality in the world.

benefits of sex educationUntimely death: Teenagers affected with the sexually transmitted disease might die if he/she does not receive proper medical attention. Many youths also die from the abortion process as a lot of them visit quacks who are not licensed to undertake such medical procedures. This dangerous process has cost loss of vital body organs and has also led a lot of them to an untimely grave. The abuse of contraceptive drugs by teenagers has also contributed to the mortality rate among teenagers.

benefits of sex educationWrong orientation: Any child who does not receive a proper orientation from their parents will get the needed information from elsewhere which might make them make wrong decisions which they will live to regret.

The inquisitive nature of children stirs their minds to search for needed information and many consult the internet to satisfy their curiosity or get it from their friends who are also not well experienced in the subject of discussion.

Male sexual organs to be discussed with every male child with lots of benefits of sex education

benefits of sex educationPenis: This is the most sensitive male sexual organ. It is the core organ for engaging in sexual activity. It gets very hard and increases in size when aroused. It also releases semen that carries the necessary properties to impregnate the female sexual partner or transmit diseases. Male child/children should be properly taught the use of penis and how they can avoid the negative effect of the wrong use of the organ.

benefits of sex educationSenses: These senses include the eyes, nose, and ear. What a man sees can instigate sexual activity (a man can get turn on when he sees a naked or scantily dressed lady, pictures, porn video, and pictures). He should be taught to quickly remove his gaze from the sexually instigating object or picture. The erroneous thought that he has the potential to control himself while still gazing at the sexual instigating object has led many males to unplanned sexual activities.

What we perceive with our nose can also turn a man on to perform sexual activities. He should be taught to be able to avoid an environment with sexual instigating fragrance.

benefits of sex educationButtocks: The male buttock is also very sensitive. It might not look as soft and curvy as the female buttocks, but it is also sensitive. He should be informed on how to avoid any kind of touch, by either male or female, that might instigate sexual drive.

Beards: The beards can make a male to commit unplanned sexual activities when touched by a female counterpart romantically. He should avoid the caress of his beards by a partner because the continued activity will send a signal to the brain to initiate sexual activities.

Hair: Male hair is also very sensitive to sexual activity just like other sexual instigating parts of the body. Anybody, he does not desire sexual engagement with should be denied access to touch nor romantically caress the hair on his head.

Lips: The lips are also part of the sensitive sexual parts of the body. A male child should be taught not to allow an individual he does not intend to have sexual activity with to kiss him. This can make him do things he does not desire nor plan for which might adversely affect his life and future.

Female  sexual organs to be discussed with every male child with lots of benefits of sex education

benefits of sex educationBreast: The female breast is one of the sexual organs. Females get sexually turned on when the breast is caressed, pressed, fondled, sucked or licked. Female child/children should be taught to discourage inappropriate touching of her breast(s) and to report any individual who does not have respect for her body to her guardian.

Lips: The lips are part of the female erogenous zone with the capacity to instigate sexual activities. Female children should be taught to prevent any individual (male and female) from kissing them on their lips because kissing sends sexual signals to the brain to release sexual hormones.

Buttocks: The female buttock is also very sensitive. It has a way of instigating sexual activity when touched or caressed. Females should be taught to avoid and report inappropriate touching of her buttock to her guardian or someone in authority that can manage the situation.

Laps: Caressing the lap has a way of instigating sexual activity. Any inappropriate touch in this manner should be avoided by females.

benefits of sex educationVagina: This is the main erogenous zone of females. It is an elastic, soft canal with flexible lining that provides pleasurable sensations during sexual activities. Females should be informed that they have a high tendency to get pregnant or contract diseases when a man ejaculates (release of semen) into the vagina. Female child/children should be taught to deny any kind of unnecessary touch of the vagina.

Who is authorized to conduct sex education for children?

Parent: Part of parental responsibilities is to guide their children to make good life decisions that will enable them to become responsible adults. The benefits Sex education should be taught to each child by their parents. Fathers should not assume the benefits of sex education to be the sole responsibility of mothers but the combined responsibility of both parents.

benefits of sex educationTeacher: Teachers should be very free to discuss sex education with students under their care because of the level of influence they have over them. It is recommended that the benefits of sex education should be part of the school’s curriculum.

Nurses: Nurses can have sex education with children due to their exposure to medical practices and save youth from not enjoying the benefits of sex education

benefits of sex educationFaith Leaders: Faith leaders should also discuss sex education with kids and teens in their care to properly guide their conduct with each other. The information will grant the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sex education

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