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You Cant Get The Best Reply To A Proposal Until You Consider These 11 Points

The best reply to a proposal comes with lots of considerations that ladies should patiently look into to be joyful in marriage.
best reply to a proposalIt was a pleasant experience to see relationships leading to marriage but a lot of marriage proposals were turned down by most ladies and men not making a move to commit their future to their partners.
It is good to examine the reasons for ladies who were deeply in love with their partners and happily accepted his dating request to turndown his forever proposals. Also read,13 Most Profitable Businesses In The World You Can start With Little Or No Capital
Marriages decisions are very critical, it has a lot to do with their future. The kinds of marriage decisions made have a way it influences the future of our children. Our personalities and environments contributing to their total raising.
Ladies’ personalities and beauty have a way it ravages men’s minds and also motivates them to locate her soft spot to gain her attentions to accept their proposal.
Love is natural and beautiful. It can shut one mind from paying attention to details that might either increase or decrease the chances of their togetherness.
best reply to a proposalMarriage involves two adults and their mutual agreement to embark on a blissful journey is very important.
Marriage decision is one of the difficult decisions to make in life because its response determines the future of the couple. Life will be peaceful and full of joy if one makes very good decisions but the reverse might be the case for the unlucky one. Also read,4+ Top-Notch Impact Of Success and Failure In Life
The excitement of beauty, pleasure, wealth and other enticing stimulants are not enough to convince one to make marriage decisions.
Marriage comes with its realities( it might not be as interesting as it was during courtship) but very sweet when both parties in marriage take time to consider the points alighted below.

Things to consider to get the best reply to a proposal

Pay attention to his character
best reply to a proposalJust like the saying of ancient wise men; attitude is wealth. A good attitude has a lovely fragrance and lightened up all dark realities. Ladies or men who commit their marital future to morally upright individuals have signed up for a peaceful co-existence. Couples in this category will have lots of happy moments.
Beauty is good but not enduring, It fades up with time.
It will interest you to know that as we age every part of our body also attained its full maturity but good attitudes refresh themselves daily just as bad attitudes also.
Attitude is one of the most difficult things to change.
best reply to a proposalAccepting your partner’s marriage proposals despite your awareness of his bad attitudes with the hope of positively influencing has led many to regrettable zones. It is one of the greatest mistakes made by many people and the core reason for marital breakage. Also read, How To Get Rid Of Fearful Thoughts: 6 Comprehensive Strategies To Live In Peace
The dating period should grant opportunities to study your partner’s attitudes to best reply to a proposal that will lead to a beautiful relationship.
Some people might be hypocritical with their attitudes dispositions but patience and determination have a way of unraveling hidden characters. Patiently study his attitudes as you make up your mind to give him the best reply to a proposal that will make your heart joyful.
best reply to a proposalIt is enticing to know that love is beyond feelings but commitments to each other. We have a responsibility to complement our partner’s weaknesses with our strengths but there are some attitudes you can’t cope with nor influence. It is wiser to let go than daily regretting the effects of his bad attitudes.
Marriage between two compatible individuals is blessed with eternal peace and happiness. It is very wise to consider the compatibility status of your partner to give him the best reply to a proposal with no iota of regret.
Comparing how you fit together like a puzzle is very important. ladies should consider their agreement and disagreement to draw out an inference that might influence her marital decisions.
Harshness, breakage, and unpleasant result always accompanied forcefully coming together of incompatible substances.
best reply to a proposalFinancial compatibility is very important. Do they have the same financial mindset? Do they share the same belief about making and spending money?
Some families believe in joint saving and joint responsibility to the family expenses (I.e, they make their money separately and save it in a common purse as well take care of the daily families expenses together
Thought Compatibility is also very important. Conflict will reduce if you share the same mindset with your partner. Access to similar information might influence thought Compatibility.
You can evaluate several discussions you had with your partner before giving him the best reply to a proposal that might lead to a blissful moment. Also read,11 Powerful Strategies On How To Improve Literacy Skills Of Your Children
Are you attracted to each other
best reply to a proposalPeace always accompanied Attraction. It is one of the good ingredients for a successful relationship.
Marriage shouldn’t be done out of pity but the sincerity of the true feelings of the heart. Consideration of your love for each other will grant the best reply to a proposal that will lead to lots of happy moments.
Sincere love
People desiring to move their relationship to the peak must sincerely answer the following questions; how much do I love him? Can I sacrifice everything to make him happy? Do my heart pant after him? Can I stay with him for long hours and not be bored? Hope I am not with him out of pity? Hope material things didn’t influence my decision to be with him? Hope my friends /family didn’t influence my decision to be with him, etc.
best reply to a proposalLove is beautiful if it is not one-sided. Ladies who are in a relationship must constantly evaluate the depth of their love for their partners to give the best reply to a proposal that will lead to marriage. The deeper it is, the sweater and peaceful it will be.
A lot of people assume infatuation for love. Sincere love can endure for a very long time. Infatuation diminishes when its gratification is fulfilled.
It is very sweet to see aged couples still deeply into each other without any regret. Offsprings of couples who are deeply in love with each other are always joyful and peaceful because they grow up to see their parents living peacefully with each other.
Forgiveness mind-set
best reply to a proposalMarriage is for two forgivers. Conflict and its resolutions are part of lives. Conflict is unavoidable when people who are raised by different parents in separate environments and cultures come together. Their personality and approaches to situations will be conflicting with each other. Enough time and patience need to be spent for them to understand each other. As couples coexist, they begin to understand each other and devise a way to live in peace.
Keeping your partner’s wrongs in your mind instead of forgiving him will further make you very sad. Giving reason for each other offenses increase forgiveness capacity. We have to keep forgiving each other till forgiveness is part of our nature.
Religious backgrounds
best reply to a proposalReligious compatibility is very important in a relationship. Ladies have issues with their partners just because they don’t believe in their religion. It is better to marry a person who shares the same religion with you than devising a means of converting him.
Religious conversion is not easy. It is only God that has the power to convert a soul. Lots of people grow up with their parents’ kind of religion. The volume of religious knowledge gained between aged one to aged 20 is enormous, it might have led to lots of conviction. Although some couples share different religions and living happily together. But is not everyone that can endure its challenges.
best reply to a proposalChildren raised in a home where their parents operate different kinds of religion might find it difficult to adopt a proper one for themselves and their moral standard might be slightly affected.
Our chosen religion has a way it influences our perception and choices. People should consider the religious backgrounds of their partners to give the best reply to a proposal that will lead to happy moments
His family
best reply to a proposalWe don’t only get married to our partners but their family’s because they have great influences on the success of the relationship. They can also contribute to it tearing apart.
It is difficult to separate your partner’s love for his parents.
The period of years he lives with them is far above the number of years you have spent with him
He might value their trust and care above yours. That does not remove his desire for you.
Some cultures even make it mandatory to know the kind of family your love interest belongs to before accepting your choice. They might even go ahead asking different questions about his / her family before relaxing their mind on their children’s marriage choices.
Some families respect their children’s relationship and contributed their best quota to make it successful while reverse became an option for others.
best reply to a proposalThey assume their children’s spouses influence their children negative responses receiving from their children.
A good family should accept and adopt their children’s love interests as their children. This consideration will grant the best reply to a proposal that will make him joyful.
Readiness to be married
Life journey requires lots of attention. It shouldn’t be rushed into. Marriage is a life journey. The years spent in marriage are more than the total number of years lived as a bachelor or spinster. Decisions to get married shouldn’t be influenced by any means. The people in a relationship should be able to sincerely consider their Readiness before embarking on a marital journey. The following points alighted below can be used as a yardstick to determine the best reply to a proposal that won’t end in any regret:
Financial Readiness
best reply to a proposalMarriage has its Financial responsibility. Expenses increase above 100% of what you are incurring as a bachelor when married. (You paid for mortgage or rent, water, electricity, food, security, children school fees, clothing, etc
Mental Readiness
Mental challenges are part of marriage packages. The ability to resolve life issues without giving up is needed to prepare the best reply to a proposal that will lead to a blissful moment.
Physical maturity
Marriage is not for children. Its commitments might be consuming. Anyone above 18 years can get married.
In conclusion, You can make your relationship desirable for people around you when you take time to seek joy beyond the proposal day. That is possible when you consider the best reply to a proposal that will end in peace


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