how to make a man cry for you

How To Make A Man Cry For You: 13 Proven Secrets To A Long And Fulfilling Relationship.

Discovering how to make a man cry for you that is falling deeply in love with you is the surest way to strengthen your passion for each other which will lead to a long and fulfilling relationship. Love is a very beautiful adventure to be shared and enjoyed and its beauty can not be felt by people who are not in love. Making a man crave the person and presence of his woman on a going basis is golden and it takes diligence, endurance, and persistence to achieve it.
how to make a man cry for youStirring up deep affections in the heart of a man to a woman can be likened to fetching water from a very deep well. It is very possible but it requires a lot of energy. The capacity to express deep affections for people, things, or animals is natural to man just as the physical heart is designed to pump blood to the body to sustain human existence.
how to make a man cry for youHooking a man by his heart is not as difficult as it seems. Before you start worrying, I know you already think, what if he later changes his mind about me? The truth is men are straight As when it comes to committing to a woman of their choice. As a woman, you need to have the right knowledge not only on where to have dates but also how to make him drool after meeting you.
Right now, you just need to open your mind. If you have decided to date, or if you are already committed to someone, there are ways to keep a man on his toes only for you. Allow him to see the wonderful woman you are, and just watch what will happen. Now, follow these expert tips on how to make a man cry for you;

how to make a man cry for you1. Concentrate On What Got Him Attracted To You
This is one of the top-secret to make a man cry for you. Many people have issues with love at first sight. Some believe that kind of love does not always end like a lamp in the cozy breeze. If ladies can focus on things that made guys fall in love with them the first time they met and strengthen those things, it will perfectly engrave their love in the man’s heart.
A man is typically attracted to a woman with a beautiful physical appearance. A lady can make the affection to grow if she keeps adding value to her appearance. It is not a bad idea if you do not know what triggers your love for your spouse. Ladies can ask their partners what attracted them to each other and use that information to strengthen their love for each other.

2. Have The Right Attitude
how to make a man cry for youPay attention to your attitude at this point. Are you approachable or do you repel men after some time of interaction with you? You may not realize it, but men are smarter than ever and will detect a bad attitude unless you are dealing with a blockhead. I’m quite sure you want a highly valued man who would measure up to your desired standard.
how to make a man cry for youAs such you need to keep in mind that these kinds of men can tell without a word spoken if they need to halt or continue with the relationship based on your attitude. Having the right attitude at all times is really what makes the difference. Who does not want to be with a strong woman? Get used to hitting him with a genuine smile. It can instantly make him attracted to you as being positive is a strength that anyone will admire.
The proper way on how to make a man cry for you is to always keep your emotions in check even on a bad day. A good attitude always lightens up gloomy environments. No one will react positively to a bad attitude. A bad attitude weakens one’s positive desire and energy.

It also affects one’s perception and relationship with other people.
One of the early signs of maturity is having a good attitude to life’s issues. Ladies should learn the strategy of controlling their emotions when dealing with their partners. This is achievable when she proffers reasons for unexplainable behaviors and by treating unpalatable words as constructive feedback.
3. Have A Life Of Your Own
how to make a man cry for youA happy woman will attract a very good-looking man with the necessary personality and disposition to life, in other words, a total man. Their happy lifestyles will reflect in their physical appearances, careers, relationships with friends and families, among others. This will make them more attractive and further strengthen their love for each other.
Men go crazy over women who do not have their entire life centered around them. If the reverse is the case, the relationship becomes exhausting for both of them. Calling them or texting them all through the day kills the energy, however checking on them how to make a man cry for youis not bad in itself but moderation is key in doing this.
Men generally do have something asides you going on in their life, so they expect the same from their woman. Whether you have just started dating, or still contemplating on it, give both of you some space.

It is very healthy to give your man some space to attend to his personal stuff. Go have a girl’s night out, party with friends and family; maybe later an introduction can happen. Meanwhile, you should get serious with your personal life. Spend some time with your friends and family members instead of spending the totality of your days with him.
Most guys are attached to ladies who are not choking them with her presence. The time spent apart will make lovers miss each other and give a lot of things to discuss together whenever they meet again and this contributes to the secret on how to make a man cry for you.

4. Don’t Shut Him Out
how to make a man cry for youActing tough is not one of the strategies on how to make a man cry for you but will only give him more work to do. Honestly, most men do not have time for that. Waiting for a man to break down your walls? I am sorry to ruin your fantasy, you would have to do that yourself.
If you like a man and his company, being vulnerable to him is everything. Men like to be there for a woman they are deeply interested in. They need to know who you are under that thick skin. So show him that he is needed in your life!Do this and you will see how far your relationship will go.

5. Have Initiative
how to make a man cry for youBeing able to think outside the box is one of what makes some ladies are more desirable than others. Ladies should be able to provide lasting solutions to pending issues without having to wait for the return of their spouse from their daily work schedule.

Leadership roles are not limited to men but are also women inclusive. Taking up decisive responsibilities does not mean reducing the obligations of the man. Rather it is all about providing true support system to ease him of many troubles.
Your spouse does not have to be the one to plan everything. You can initiate the top-secret on how to make a man cry for you by taking the wheels to organize lunch dates, trips, or even a good time on the sheets. Wow him by being creative with your meetings.

Your compliments can go way longer than what you can ever imagine.
Taking the initiative to do something also makes you more confident in yourself. Men like that in a woman, in fact they love it and they can push themselves to the extreme to satisfy you. Isn’t that great? Yeah right. Begin to think up ideas you normally wouldn’t for both of you, act on them and he’s all yours.

6. Take Care of Your Looks
how to make a man cry for youAs a woman, you cannot be looking like you were tumbled by a hurricane and demand that he accepts you the way you are. Women like you are swept off by what they hear while the man is carried away by what they see first. If what he sees isn’t pleasant to his eyes, he won’t bother looking twice.
Make your looks a priority if you want him to stay in your life. Although looks aren’t everything, men biologically operate that way and we really can’t blame them. Have your nails nicely fixed whichever way you want. Do something elegant to your hair. Pick out good clothes when next you shop. Make it a goal to always look good even on your “lazy days”.

6. Love Yourself
how to make a man cry for youA woman who is in love with herself is already complete. She doesn’t need excessive validation from a man or others to know her worth. A man who equally loves himself can spot this and he will be drawn to you. This makes it a perfect duo.
If you are struggling with self-love, you need to work on knowing how to love yourself. Meet with a therapist or counselor if you can’t do this on your own. Practicing self-love is a lifetime job and one of the secrets on how to make a man cry for you. If you can begin now to love yourself, you will attract and keep the man of your dreams.

7. Make The Man Feel He Is Important to You
how to make a man cry for youMaking him feels important is one of the epic strategies on how to make a man cry for you. Relying on your spouse’s strengths and creativity as a woman is not a sign of creakiness but a working strategy to make him desire you. Men are usually active with ladies they have a sense of belonging with.

Ladies should learn a better way to relax and allow their spouse to take responsibility on their behalf. Being an independent lady is not an excuse at all because there is no attitude that is not breakable with love.

8. Always Respect His Privacy
how to make a man cry for youTotal respect for your spouse’s private life is one of the top strategies on how to make a man cry for you. Trust is one core ingredient of an enduring relationship. Ladies must trust their spouse to a desirable level to make them comfortable with their private life.

Checking their phones to discover a secret relationship will only weaken the strength of your relationship without positive addition. Most guys appreciate ladies that trust them greatly and also do anything in their power to uphold the trust.Click here for unlimited strategies on how to make a man cry for you

9.Always Appreciate Him
how to make a man cry for youMost men desire to be told that they are handsome, ambitious, smart, and decked with other admirable qualities. No one looks down on people that appreciate them. A guy gets fully attached to a lady who both praises him in his presence and also when she is with others. It is surely a workable strategy to get him fully attached to you. Appreciate his gifts no matter how small it is and also praise him even when he has nothing to offer.

10. Always Listen To His Discussion
how to make a man cry for youThe reality of men listening more than ladies can be undone to get your love into your man’s heart.

It is obvious women talk more while men are tuned to listen but most men desire to be heard by their spouse. Learn to pause talking and listen when your spouse is discussing with you, this will not only strengthen your relationship but also strengthen your communication skills. Click here for unlimited strategies on how to make a man cry for you

11. Always Maintain a Happy Look
Keeping an unhappy look around your man will make you repulsive to his love. Always keep a happy look every time you are with him to lighten up his days. Disturbing thoughts can be discussed with your partner to lighten your mind to help you keep maintaining a happy mood.

12. Learn To Give More
how to make a man cry for youGiving is one of the ways to express love. Ladies should not just be the recipient but also commit themselves to give precious gifts to their spouses. Giving expensive gifts is not compulsory if your financial resources are limited.

You can visit a men’s store to purchase a beautiful gift for your spouse and be very creative when presenting the gift. Don’t limit gift presentation to only special days in his life but keep it on a recurring level. It is advisable to accompany all visits to his place with a gift. Click here for unlimited strategies on how to make a man cry for you

13.Forgive All Offense
how to make a man cry for youForgiveness is part of the maturity required to seal the soul of man to love. True love can forgive all forms of offenses. Most men get deeply in love with any lady that can see beyond their faults. You can express your dissatisfaction to your spouse and allow him time to change any unbecoming character trait.
Do not force behavioral modification. The behavioral modification takes a lot of time, you should give your man enough time to get rid of bad attitudes. You cannot get rid of bad attitudes that have been developed over the decades in a day. Shouting, abusing, and using other forceful methods will not yield the desired results but will only widen the heart gulf and reduce the capacity of the man to fall deeply in love with you. Click here for unlimited strategies on how to make a man cry for you


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