how to teach your child to appreciate what they have

How To Teach Your Child To Appreciate What They Have

Appreciation should be a natural response to all the gifts given to children and the attitude should be instilled in them to positively contribute to their society. 

Mr. Adam’s Life Scenario

Mr. Adams was busy with an official assignment in Western Europe in the year 1964 with no opportunity to spend quality time with his family.

 He was excited to see his first son ( James) who just graduated from college when he returned home from his traveling for a Christmas celebration. The excitement of spending the Christmas holiday with their dad filled the heart of every member of the family.

After fully resting from the accumulated stress of traveling. Mr. Adam invited every member of his nuclear family to receive the Christmas gift he promised to them when embarking on his official trip some months ago. Everyone’s hearts were filled with joy as they received their gifts from their dad.

James received his Christmas gift from his dad with no word of appreciation to his father. He went inside his room to connect the video game he received from his dad to the power source to play with it.

 James’ unappreciative attitude towards his dad for the good gesture of his love toward him put Mr adam off his happy mood and he immediately reacted by collecting back the video game from James till when he will appreciate every gift given to him.

Two things are evident in Mr. Adams and James’ scenario. James’ unappreciative attitude might be traced to his parents not teaching him the principles, benefits, and consequences of appreciation and his dad retrieving the gift he gave him to instill an appreciative mentality into him.

Children who learn to appreciate things will find it appealing to take good care of their toys. But appreciation attitudes are not hereditary, they are taught.

The mind of a child is as clear as an empty slate. Parents determine most of their attitude formations. Although some innate abilities are natural with all living things such as breathing, sucking, passing of waste substances, etc. Children naturally express their discomfort with no force even at birth. Click here to read how to teach your child to appreciate what they have

There are also hereditary attitudes that are transferable by parents ( some children write like their parents, smile like them even inherited their sleeping posture).

The chosen lifestyle of an adult can be traced down to their manners of upbringing. 

Children who are full of appreciation will turn out to a very responsible adults when they grow up.

7 Tips on How to teach your child to appreciate what they have

Below are practical ways to instill an appreciative attitude in your wards:

Model a good attitude for them 

Children learn majorly through non-verbal actions. They observe and study everything that comes through their senses. Children study their parents and also imitate their lifestyles.

It is encouraged to display the kind of attitudes you want in your children. The kind of behavior you display to your children works to either build good or bad attitudes in them. Instead of telling them to appreciate their belongings, kindly show them how you appreciate their belongings with your attitude and this will reflect in their behavior too.

Consciously teach them good moral attitudes 

Make moral lessons compulsory at home. Take time to teach and encourage them to appreciate everything that comes their way and never overlook wrong attitudes without putting them rightly. 

Let them know that giving is very good  

 Children should be taught to render help to their friends in need by giving them what will make them comfortable. The appreciative attitudes of their friends who received what he/she has been desiring for a long time will be easily passed on to them. 

Make appreciation a normal practice for them

Just like eating, brushing of teeth, bathing, etc, are some of the Normal practices. Appreciation can be made compulsory for children. You can tell them to appreciate everything given to them. Make appreciation a normal practice for them in the house.

Make them save up some money to buy some toys.

One of the better how to teach your child to appreciate what they have is to make them save up some money to buy some toys. The act of saving up money will inform their mind that mummy and daddy made lots of sacrifices to get them their toys and it is a must to appreciate everything given to them. Also read, 4+ Top-Notch Impact Of Success and Failure In Life

Patiently talk to your children

 Children take instructions even from the womb. Parents should patiently sit their children down to engage them on some attitudes they desire in them and expect unwanted attitudes to be done away with.

Marry someone with a good attitude

surround your children with a morally upright people to instill good attaide in them. Children who are raised by morally upright parents always turn out to be very responsible adults. 

One of the better how to teach your child to appreciate what they have is to surround them with morally upright minds. People should be concerned with the kind of children to raise when making marital decisions.

Children are a gift from the lord, and it is the desire of the Lord for them to be guided rightly by their parents or their guidance.

The excitement of the finished work of God from the beginning is enough relief that all children are good with no iota of bad attitudes. Click here to read how to teach your child to appreciate what they have


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