monday morning blessings and prayers

37+ Best Monday Morning Blessings And Prayers

Monday morning blessings and prayers assure us of a beautiful week. There is no better way to start a new week than by committing it to God’s hands. God is in charge of all things on the earth and heaven and is directly involved in its affairs. He is aware of all our past experiences, our present happening, and our future occurrences. 

The fervent prayers of the saint draw down God’s blessings and goodness. It is true God is aware of all our needs and ready to grant them all to us immediately without asking him but he also requires us to offer those needs to him in prayer for a speedy reply. 

Committed our new week to God will open the gate of heaven over us to shower our lives and that of our families and love ones with heavenly blessings.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray answerable prayers in the gospel of the Holy Scripture. Proper guidance on ways to pray will result in getting a quick response to all our prayers when they are offered to God.

Faith Lifting 35+Monday Morning Blessings and Prayers



Below are some prayers for yourself, your family members, and your loved one. 

Prayer of faith: Believe is very important in communicating with God. God doesn’t listen to anyone that doesn’t believe in prayer. He is always ready to listen to all our prayers. 

God is happy with everyone with the mindset of having a father who listens to them all the time and grants answers to all their prayers. Pray the prayer of faith below to boost your faith before launching into your daily endeavor. You can also read 5+ Top-Notch Strategies To Overcome Fear Of Rejection.

  • Father boosts my mind, soul, and body to believe in your existence.
  • Father help me to always rely on the fact that you care for me and my family
  • Father helps me to believe everything written in your Holy word (bible)
  • Father help me to believe that you have never forsaken any righteous
  • Father strengthen my faith in you that you answer all prayers
  • Father quicken my belief system to pray the right prayers to you.
  • Father strengthen my passion to believe in your existence in my life. 
  • Father move my feet to walk with you even without seeing you.
  • Just as the woman with the issue of blood got instant healing when she touch the tip of your garment. Heal me of all my infirmities and sickness when I approach you in prayer.
  • Father, I trust you to remove everything that might hinder me to put all my faith in you.

Prayers of Forgiveness

Sin hinders our prayers from being answered by God. Just as God is willing to answer our prayers, sins drag us out of God’s presence. It also makes our spiritual environment not conducive for God to dwell. Asking for the forgiveness of sin is very important before entering God’s presence. Below are some of the Forgiveness prayers we can offer to God before uttering Monday blessings and prayers :

  • Father, I come to you with all humility for you to forgive me all my sins and iniquity.
  • Remember your sacrifices for me and my households oh lord on the cross. Please wipe away my sins.
  • Make me justified in your presence my father by blotting out all my sins.
  • Do not make my sin take me away from you my lord.
  • Purge my heart from wrong thoughts that will lead to sin
  • Inspire my heart to cherish a holy lifestyle.
  • Make my system hate all things you are against my lord. You can also read How To Get Rid Of Fearful Thoughts: 6 Comprehensive Strategies To Live In Peace

Thank given prayers 

Thanks given opens ways to God’s presence. Any heart that is not delighted in total appreciation of things the Lord did for Him/ her will find it difficult to gain entrance to God’s presence.

The faithfulness of God is higher than men’s thoughts. We should learn to Thank God for all He did for us. The miracle of being alive deserves lots Thank given to God.

The angel of God surrounds everyone who recognizes the importance of offering Thanks given to him.

Thanks given was one of the first approaches to answerable prayers. Below are some of the thank-given prayers you can offer to God :

  • Father, I do not take all your blessings for my life for granted, thank you for everything.
  • You have been a good father to my family and me. Keep being good oh lord.
  • I forbid an ungrateful heart and mindset. I will always recognize your goodness.
  • I join all the angels in heaven to appreciate you for your goodness and kindness oh lord. 

Some Monday morning blessings and prayers.

Let us move fully to some Monday morning blessings and prayers you can pray to open the gate of heaven for you.

  • My new week is blessed with all the blessings of God’s throne
  • As I am entering this new week joyfully, I trust you to finish it strongly.
  • Everything that I encounter today shall turn into a great blessing for me and my household.
  • I receive God’s assistance over my work and business
  • I will never run into loss but multiples profit this new week
  • I climb the ladder of grace to obtain God’s mercy for this new week for me and my family.
  • Everyone I come across is blessed also. 
  • I enter into a new understanding of God this new week.
  • My fellowship is strengthened this week
  • Peace of mind will be my portion this new week.
  • I enter into deeper joy this new week
  • I tap into unlimited provision beyond lack this new week in Jesus’ name
  • My passion to love the Lord will increase this new week.
  • I move deeper into the joy of the Lord for my life.
  • I access Grace to love my neighbors this new week.

In conclusion: Thanksgiving should also end all our prayers with the assurance that the Lord has accepted all our answers and petitions. 

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