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Receiving Gifts And Other Love Languages For Deeper Love Relationships And Expressions

Receiving gifts from lovers can pave way for beautiful love expressions if it is one of the love languages of the lover.

Love, that deep feeling of attachment to another person, flows out of emotion and is expected to be felt and expressed by lovers. The ‘love feeling’ is not a force but it can be developed with time. There is love that is activated at first sight while in Receiving giftsseveral instances, it needs time to grow. Love, at first sight, is not a bad idea but it might crumble if the feelings are not strengthened on a continuous basis.

Love is not just about receiving gifts and other peripheral activities, but it is one of the ways to express one’s heartfelt feelings and intentions to another. It is expected that lovers give to each other and what is expected to be given to each other include:

Receiving giftsTrust: Trust is the foundation of love. Trust doesn’t come in a day but it is developed over time. Lovers should give reasons and opportunities to develop trust for each other by being and doing things that activate and grow trust. Attributes such as honesty, integrity by following through on promises made, clarifying expectations, care, exhibited on a consistent basis by lovers show that they say what they mean and mean what they say.

Attention: Attention always reveals a value system, that is, we give attention to anything we greatly value. Lovers who do not give each other quality attention will watch their love drain out like water leaking out of a broken container. Apart from giving and receiving gifts from each other, giving undivided attention to each other is also very paramount.

Receiving giftsUnderstanding: Understanding breeds peace in relationships. Lovers should accept their current realities in life while working on areas that need improvement. Putting unnecessary pressure on your spouse could lead him/ her to depression and weaken the love seed in the heart. Such pressure could be in different forms such as financial, for example putting pressure on a spouse who earns low income to purchase an asset outside his earning capacity. It could also be in form of social, academic pressure, among others.

Receiving giftsResources: Lovers should be able to spend their resources on each other. Since love gives, receiving gifts from each other should be the norm. Ladies should not believe receiving gifts is for them alone, but they should also give surprise gifts to their spouses and this will further strengthen their relationships.

The nagging thoughts common in most relationships such as; What happens next after falling in love with him or her? What can I do to keep my relationship alive?  how can I satisfy my partner and be fair to him/her? are questions begging for answers in the minds of lovers because people in relationships are clueless as to what their partner needs from them and what they can do to make them happy at all times.

Receiving giftsMost lovers would prefer to use their instincts to navigate around these questions, but human instinct alone can not grow a joyful relationship. Unfortunately, this is largely one of the biggest complaints in relationships. As a result, adults who simply do not know effective ways of expressing love to their partners always struggle to enjoy loving relationships with their spouses.

You must realize that falling in love with your soul mate is just the beginning of the journey, not the very end and it is ideal to understand this before you fall in love. When it comes to relationships most especially romantic relationships knowing the best way to instill joy in our partners should be our priority.

Lovers must find a way to understand their partners’ love language. The love language of individuals differs from each other and serves as a pointer to their hearts. What works for one might not work for others.

Love languages are simply ways a person feels loved and cared for by the other person. The reason love languages are important is that it lets the other person know they are heard and deeply loved. Again, it brings two people closer in more concrete and positive ways.

The Five Love Languages  Inclusive Of Receiving  Gifts

There are broadly five love languages that apply to almost everyone. Also know that it is possible for a person to have more than one love language and for some other persons, it could be all five.

Here in this article, we would examine each of the love languages one after the other. This will help you to identify the love language of your partner.

1)Receiving gifts Words of Affirmation

Word is one of the most powerful tools to access the heart and mind of man. It has the capacity to make the heart merry with so much love if lovers know how to use it. Lovers must affirm their love for one another if they want their love to grow.

Words are a basic form of expressing our internal feelings. For a lot of people, it is the only way to be sure their partner loves them. They expect to hear it at every chance they’ve got. It could be in the form of appreciating what has been done, for example saying, “thank you” when they wake up early to make breakfast or helping them pay some of their bills. Verbally communicating to them shows them how much you love them. While some people have a hard time with this, for others it can bring them closer. It will strengthen the relationship if you find out if your partner is more drawn to you by telling them affectionate things.

Receiving giftsIt is good to know that women are wired with words and what they hear forms their attitudes thus men should be very careful with what they say to their wives/ spouses because they can process everything that enters their mind through the ear, especially words from their romantic partners. Words like ‘’I love you’’, “you are the best gift to me”, “you are my joy” should not be far from their lips. Women also are not left out they should also learn to say sweet words to their spouses.

2) Receiving giftsActs of Service

This love language is all about doing things for the other person. It could be anything from small to big things. To them, your actions matter more than using mere words. Life is hard enough, but the goal of this love language is to make their journey easier.

Leaving your partner to do all work (care for the children, laundry, cooking, cleaning the house, etc) will make her feel used and not loved. The husband should assist his wife to wash dishes as she is cooking in the kitchen or help with taking care of children when she busy doing other chores in the house. Women feel loved and honored when their husbands assist with taking good care of a baby in the middle of the night especially during the few weeks of birth when babies are more active in the night. The husband should allow their wife to rest as they stay true to the baby all through the night.

Notice how your partner responds when you do something unexpectedly. Do they feel happy? Does their mood brighten up? If any of these apply to them, then you know this love language works for your partner.

3) Receiving giftsReceiving Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? Almost everyone does and loves receiving gifts. But what if this is the way your partner knows how you feel about them? It doesn’t matter what gift it is, gifts can build a stronger bridge between you and a partner that prefers gifts.

Receiving gifts only doesn’t mean they might not take you seriously, but most importantly the thought behind the gifts is significant to them. Lovers can give each other a surprise gift and it is especially appreciated if the gift is what the spouse really wants or needs. Lovers can stylishly ask each other their pressing need in order to purchase and present it as a gift.

It is important to also emphasize that women should not be the only recipient of gifts but also be a giver of gifts.

4) Receiving giftsPhysical Touch

Touching your partner at some spots can create a deeper connection for them to feel you. Touching typically can be relaxing for people. So, physical touch may be in form of hugs, kisses, holding hands, or just being in very close proximity. It doesn’t always need to lead both of you to the sheets.

It may just be a better explanation of how they interpret love. When you realize that this is your partner’s love language, you should try to adjust to their needs. This is one of the ways to build a long-lasting relationship.

Receiving giftsThe touching should not just start in the night or during sexual activity, but a couple should start the touching from the morning. Most ladies feel like a sex machine or think their spouses love them only to the extent of satisfying their sexual drive when he only touches them during sexual relationship without any related touch at any other time.

5) Quality Time

Time is one crucial aspect of life, especially in relationships. This is another love language you can use to honor your partner and solidify your relationship. Giving quality time is one of the problems facing relationships as a lot of partners just do not know they have to be physically present or available for their partners.

If your partner is the type who is keen on you focusing on them with undivided attention whenever you are together, not using your phone, doing something else while talking to you, or not actively listening, this may pinpoint this as their love language. Even if it is brief, giving them your undivided attention can add up in ways you do not expect.

Receiving giftsReceiving gifts has great worth if it comes with lovers spending time with each other as well. Things that activate love are not expensive, but their worth can unravel this mystery called love. Lovers should spend quality time to discuss past achievements and mistakes and draw out lessons learnt from their experiences. This will bring about a clear and rewarding present and a future worth looking forward to. Also playing games, cooking together, hanging out, fishing are some of the activities that lovers can engage in when they spend quality time together.

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