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54 Sweet Love Text Messages To Express Your Deep Heart Feelings To Your Lover

Love is very transparent if it is real. It can’t be scripted or acted. Lovers are easily noticeable when together or engaging in a conversation. The feeling of love is the best and good for a better life. Love is appreciated when it is expressed.

Let your love interest be aware of the depth of love you have for him/her. Below are some sweet love text messages you can send to your interest to express your heart feeling to him:

Sweet love text messages for lovers
1. Just like heaven is made for earth, the cloth for the body, and teeth for the mouth. God created you for me, my angel.
2. Just like heaven showered the earth with sun and rain to nourish it, You have nourished my life with your goodness baby. Thanks a lot, dear
3. I have no desire other than your love my baby, you are the fulfillment of my dreams. Love you deeply baby.
4. The color of your eyes is brighter than the whitest dove. My heart sing for joy whenever you looked at me.
5. Just as sweet trees can’t produce bitter fruit. All your fruits will be showered with lots of peace, my love. Thank you for loving me.
6. If love is a chain, I desire to be externally chained with you, my love. There is no perfect place to be than your heart.
7. I will write your names in all the stars in the sky to show how much I treasure and desire to be with you, my baby. You are mine forever.
8. I don’t mind if all the beings in heaven and earth are jealous for falling deeply in love with you, my angel. I will keep loving you.
9. My world became a paradise from the day I set my eyes on you, my baby.

Sweet love text messages for my love

10. Our togetherness is a blessing beyond the heavens, we will be together eternally.
11. Laughter and joy have been my nature since you entered my heart. I love you deeply, my baby. (sweet love text messages for my baby)
12. The day I sight my eyes on you is blessed with all the riches in heaven and earth. You make life very simple for me to enjoy. Thanks a lot, my baby.
13. You are held in very high esteem in my heart baby, your maturity covers lots of my weaknesses. I will keep loving you forever.

14. I can recommend you as an example for all women in the world. Your sweet characters can brighten up a dark zone. I have much love for you, my angel.
15. Just like humans blood is reddish in color and water is whitish. You are my perfect completion, my angel.
16. The expression of King Solomon’s kind of love is very shallow to the kind of love I have for you, my heart desire. I will keep loving you.
17. Sunset in the morning and go back to sleep in the evening. My love for you will never drawback but keep on pressing forward till we are one flesh.
18. My heart can’t be overwhelmed with your love, my baby. You refresh my heart daily to create more space for love
19. I don’t only love your beautiful life stories. I admire the dark spot too. Your life is my inspiration, my angel.
20. All creatures desire your attention, my love. Promise me you are mine till eternity.
21. If I have all the power in the world, I will gladly change your name to Love. Your manner of life gives deep meaning to love. Also, read 4+ Top-Notch Impact Of Success and Failure In Life22. It is very true God packages favor in love. You are God’s favor to me, my angel. I will keep loving you forever.
23. Your beauty my love is fairer than the angel my love. You command my attention whenever I stare at you.
24. I guess my heart can stop pumping blood when you turn your back on me, baby. You are my oxygen.
25. You give me reasons to press harder to overcome all life challenges with your encouragement my love. Thank you for being my backbone.

26. I rather sacrifice everything I own to be with you, my baby. Nothing interest my heart more than your love.
27. The fragrance of your goodness made me desire you above all my love interest. I will keep on loving you till eternity, my love.
28. I am fully drunk with the wine of your love, my baby. I pray not to recover from it forever.
29. Nothing is sweeter than the wine of your love my angel. I will thirst for more of your love always. Love you deeply.
30. Every time I look at you, I have more reasons and a desire to love you. I will still choose you in the next world as my baby.
31. If love is a bitter herb, I will drink it every day because there lies medicine for the longevity of life.
32. You are a perfect example for our children to imitate. You radiate a lot of beautiful characters. Thank you babe for displaying your true identity.

33. I will make beautiful flowers scented thoroughly with many beautiful fragrances as an expression of my love for you.
34. Diamond and Gold have a very high value but none of them can’t be compared to your worth. You are highly valued above humans thought my love.
sweet love text messages35. Nothing tastes better than a sweet love spiced with simplicity and sincerity. Thank you for allowing me to love you more.
36. The brightness of the sun is not as brilliant as my love for you. I love you deeply my baby.

37. Your beauty is likened to an angel. There is nothing as brilliant as your sweet nature.
38. If characters are likened to a bar of gold, I am confident that yours has a higher value than that of a diamond. Your manners of life are worthy of unending imitation my angel.
39. I am confident that the time spent making and building you my angel is beyond the normal time spent on other people. There are no mistakes in your nature my joy. You remain the best gift for me.
40. Your goodness is so evident my angel. The little time you spent with me has drastically improved me on all sides. Your value can’t be reduced in my heart, my angel. You possess all parts of me. Much love for you my joy.

41. There is nothing as powerful as deep love that is rooted in absolute sincerity. Winning all life challenges becomes easier for me with you beside me my angel.
42. Everything in life always has an ending but the kind of love I have for you extends to eternity, my angel. You are part of me forever my angel.
43. You made loving you to be very simple for me my angel. I will still choose you again and again if we met in heaven. Thank you for showing me a good pattern to love.
44. The birds in the sky sing for joy in celebration of the life of peace provided to them by God. I also celebrate and offer sweet songs with sweet melodies to God for giving you to me. You made life very peaceful for me, my angel. Also, read Korra Obidi Visit The Mavin Music Boss Don Jazzy To Discuss Music


45. The beginning and end of an ocean are difficult to find. Our love for each other will become a mystery to unravel by people who are not in support of our sweet togetherness. You are mine forever.
46. I can live without many things but I can’t survive without your love, my angel. You are worth more than oxygen I breathe daily, my joy.
47. I have made many difficult decisions in life with good and fair results but loving you remain my best decision, my baby. You added lots of colors to make me more beautiful, my angel. Also read, All Football News Today: Latest Football Transfer 2021/2022
48. Peace, joy, and love are your nature, my angel. The day I met you signified God’s faithfulness in answering all my prayers. I desired you in my prayers and God gave you to me as a gift. I will keep loving you, my baby.
49. The voice of a beautiful sparrow can’t amount to the beauty of your voice. Your voice instills peace in my heart every time you speak to me. I love you more my angel. Also read, You Cant Get The Best Reply To A Proposal Until You Consider These 11 Points

50. The sweet feelings I have for you become clearer and sweeter every time I looked at your beautiful face my joy. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces throughout the days of my life, my angel. I love you passionately, my beauty.
51. I don’t mind traveling to the sky to write your name in all the stars to announce the feelings of my heart to the whole world. You are worth more than the entire world to me my joy.
52. I can’t wait to introduce you to my parents as a precious gift from God to me, my angel. I find new reasons to love and treasure daily.
53. I am ready to pay any amount to your parent as a birthright to appreciate them for raising you as a precious gift to me. Your manners of life demonstrated the result of having a parent who is rich in good character.
54. There is no advice you give that does not end well. Your wisdom and patience are some of the reasons I opened my heart to your love. Also read, 13 Most Profitable Businesses In The World You Can start With Little Or No Capital


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